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On our blog you will be able to keep up with hunting experiences and participate in discussions about things and find inspiration. 

In this shop you have the opportunity to buy some of the best products we have testet.

At Gohunting we test a lot of equipment all the time and occassionally we stumple over some extraordinary great products.
We offer these products over a period of time to help the inventors, market their gear and to get some sale going.
For the time being we have initiated a cooperation with the small Germany based company German Gun Stock - simply because we are so astonished by the craftmanship they put into their gun stocks. The stocks fits the popular Tikka T3, Tikka T3 CTR, Tikka T3x and Tikka T3x CTR.
Their gun stock series includes the models; German Gun Stock Predator and German Gun Stock Raptor - German gun stock are often called by the abbreviation GGS.

We were astonished by the hard work put into each and every stock from bedding, ergonomy and precision as well as heavy duty paint and coating.
To see so much effort put into a product nowadays is very rare - and we really like it!